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Systemic Information and Analytical Centre


Organized in 1999 as a system-forming unit, consolidating intellectual and spiritual potential of the mankind, united by new world outlook and taking into account the altered world order, it is called to process massive flows of information, to create and correlate information standings, to organize and declare systems of state, regional, branch and economic units’ arrangement and control with regard for specificity of geographic conditions, political peculiarities, ethnic and confessional interrelations.
The main task of the centre is to create flows of information easy to realize, on the basis of which the man will be able to re-create a real and complete picture of the universe with its all inner and outer interrelations and to find his place in the World according to the principle – “Each Man is significant, unique, necessary and irreplaceable – if he is on His place, otherwise he is Nobody and Nothing and can only do harm to himself and to his surroundings”.
The centre is an associations of physical and juridical persons united by the platform of working out of fundamentals of New Outlook and solution of practical problems of Organizing of Control Systems of the human civilization (observance of Ethics, Aesthetics, Ecoics, Mnemonics, Conformatics etc. principles) in working out of the applied programs.


Platform of Creation of the Centre


1. On the threshold of the third millenium the mankind as self-organizing and relatively self-sufficient locally-closed system has come to a crisis based on the contradiction of value equivalents.
This has become possible due to the fact that for the last 2000 years the idea of priority of material values over spiritual ones “has been implanted” in the mankind’s mind and as a result the category of money has become a universal value equivalent. Having organized its independent from a man civilization control system, personified by the financial system, money has become a determining factor in the life of the mankind.
The necessity to change the outdated value system and mental-social orientation of people is grounded by the Nature itself and is given to them for their general well-being, not for ones’ well-being at the expense of others. However, since the man has begun to take from the nature more than he can give back, exploitation has become a phenomenon of activities, connected with nature as well as of social practice. For all this is does not matter what is meant- exploitation of man by man, of society by man or of man and Nature by society. The alienation of the so called surplus value is now taking place thrice: for the first time from the productive forces of the Nature, for the second time from the productive forces of man, for the third time from the productive forces of the society. The second and the third are the consequences of the first.
The principle “Everything can be bought for money!” has become the main destroyer of civilization that has led it to the deadlock of unsolvable problems. However, it has created the prerequisites for springing up of a new powerful world outlook based on the unity of the Universal, in all diversity and value, by means of indissoluble, dynamic interaction (just this is life), that does not stabilize its inner ties (death in all its plenitude) and continually changing and improving (i.e. continuous creative process). The present system exists only to destroy the man, mankind and civilization as a whole. With all that the idea of disaster is cultivated which is reflected in reality– wars in the social community, ecological disasters. The accumulation of such factors will obligatory lead to qualitative changes: the final world war, global cataclysm or to establishment of a new world order, i.e. to a change of the degradation vectors for the vector of development, provided that proper value equivalents have been worked out.
Springing up and formation of the NEW WORLD OUTLOOK are conditioned by displaying in our consciousness of the objective creative processes on the Universe scale.
Existing models of development within the bounds of which the states are ensuring the spheres of their vital interests, have created and have been intensifying the total threat to existence of the mankind. This threat consists in the so called global problems of the present. The main drawback of the progress models which are realized and are being realized is in their dependence – in submission both of the aims of development and of the means to solve them to temporary, private, inessential interests from the point of view of quantitative criteria of the really extended reproduction, in which an increase of vivifying forces of the nature should leave behind an increase in production of material wealth, and under this condition the expansion of production should outstrip an increase of population.
The qualitative essence of the ways of vital activity is determined by the principle of interrelation between the man and the Nature, where the man is a functional part of it. And the man, as its child, should remain its harmonically thinking body, soul and spirit. Otherwise the Nature tears him away, dulls his mind by another principle: “to take more than to give back”.
Nowadays the mankind in general follows this last vicious principle that has 1ed to the pathology of both the development and thinking. It has 1ed to the illusion of the extended reproduction, to the type of development typical for a cancer cell - at the cost of the body- that is Nature. Therefore, the fate of the mankind is as that is of the cancer tumour: it will perish together with the body in which it is reproduced. “The fact witness: we should either change ourselves or disappear”, in such a way the situation was determined in 1991 by the members of the Rome club who dedicated more than 30 years to the research of the earth’s situation. The world intellect is gazing at the man as a real reason of impending eco-social disaster.
The man has become an appendage and a slave of the system, which uses vital and spiritual forces of the mankind, deprived of spiritual way of development. Having substituted the knowledge of “Solemn spirit” in the concept of “Spiritual” by the knowledge and historical experience of “Civilization cultural heritage”, i.e. having lowered them to the level of degraded perception, the  Man began to look for the ways of restoration of vital forces in conditions of destroying consumption, i.e. the  life at the expense of others, obliterating the environment.
Justifying its vital position, the Mankind has advanced an idiom “The Man is the kind of the nature”. Development of ecological crisis is dragging the Mankind down into the degrading crater and is stimulating rapid submersion in search of illusions of comfort in virtual space created by him (drugs; the Internet; hard, closed moulds of consciousness of the world religions etc.), moving farther and farther from the reality and becoming more and more degraded.
The danger created objectively by the unevenness of the technological revolution indicates that the problems raised by it concern problems of the following order on a spiral of the degrading, pathological development of the civilization. If the so called global problems are regarded as qualitatively new stage of motion of basic contradictions between the Nature and the society on the Biosphere scale and they arose to a large extent due to unevenness of the scientific and technological revolution, then after the technological revolution, uncontrolled as well as STR and its consequences, post global problems should inevitably arise, i.e. the problems of cosmic nature. And if in order to solve global problems the Biosphere level is necessary, which changes radically thinking, science, politics, valuables, ways of vital functions, then in case of post global cosmic problems the mankind has no instrument of understanding and no means to solve them.
So it is extremely important on the basis of new technologies not only to solve global problems, including ecological one, but also not to permit springing up of cosmic, post global problems.
The necessity of continuous development requires that the mankind work out conceptionally new approaches guaranteeing firstly, improvement of the nature and, secondly, sufficient economic effect to increase living standard of the growing population of the planet, i.e. solution of social-economic development problems at the expense of improvement of natural and social environment.
The 20th century has shown not only insufficiency of our knowledge to pose and to solve the so called global problems of the present but also fundamental vagueness of the ecological and cosmic future of the civilization.
Acute remain the questions concerning the nature of thinking, the sense and adequacy of rational knowledge – the humanities, natural and technical sciences, compliance of social laws with the laws of nature where there are no separate laws for political economy, physics, chemistry, cybernetics, social community, man. There are manifestations of universal laws of functional harmony in different fields of knowledge, into which science has divided the unity of multitude and, having got entangled in the web of subdivision, it cannot in any way undiscrepantly synthesize the whole, even on the level of the basic principles of self-development and their successive application in life on the basis of adequate mechanisms.  
Of course, the task to transform the basis of fundamentals looks unprecedented. But this very task as a deliberate one to develop intellect can help form non-pathological non-reflex logic of noospheric thinking and organize suitable actions to work out a new model of thinking contributing to changing of our civilization attitude to the Nature and to moral norms, to transform defective economical philosophy that legalizes and even encourages destruction of the environment.
And it is especially important that the scale of private and social interests should not be outbalanced to any side. Such outbalances have led to ecological problems that begin to display at the very peak of contradictions between private and social,- at the junction of ecology and economic interests.
Meanwhile, as historic experience has shown, the financial system created by the mankind has begun to develop according to its own laws different and even alien to those of human ones. The evolution of the financial system into a self-developing one and progressively increasing isolation from real values raise a question: In the name of  what does the Man destroy himself and surroundings? Is not it in the name of virtual money, i.e. numbers in the computers’ memories that are not value equivalents, and in the name of passing the rights to take decisions to electronic systems?
Any cost price with ”plus” mark is deceptive for it does not take into account numerous indirect losses. Thus, if to estimate profits for the whole period of work of any power station and to set a task to come back to the position prior to its construction, it will turn out that the capital earned won’t be sufficient. “Plus” in this case immediately changes into “minus”.
The essence of the general conception consists in solution of social-economic development problems at the cost of improvement of the surroundings and society. In the 1980s the question was put so that a situation could occur when expenditures on an increase of the world gross output would exceed the price which the society was ready to pay for the increase. At that time the president of the World Bank noted: “The World Bank is controlling turnover of the capital, but the world ecological situation is getting worse and worse, i.e. the credit and monetary system and international law do not ensure ecological security”.
The main reason of the lack of positive results in solving of global problems is rather simple. The point is that realization of practical programs of modernization of scientific and technological revolution in the direction of ecological safety of production has turned out to be incompatible with the old model of the society development, value system and type of control. The shortcomings of the old development model, in their turn, have touched upon the very fundamental, basic grounds of the civilization, existence of ethnic communities, states, culture as a whole,- the type of vital functions and the type of development, inertia of thinking and reproduction of pathology in global systems of life-support.
A way out of such a situation occurs in restoration of real value equivalents. Analysis and processing of information streams should take place in condition of “truth” but not of  “virtuality” as it is going on the global scale.
Condition of “truth” can be applied only within the bounds of the New World Outlook involving information technologies based on the principles and constructions of “volume logic”, necessary for analysis of the existing conditions (i-conditions) on the Earth.
Technological devices that the Mankind disposes of  at present, are based on the ideology of linear (consecutive), at best, branching logic and are not able to process information streams in condition of the “truth”.
Therefore, the circumstances mentioned stipulate organization of a consolidating centre of processing information flows aimed  at working out the principles of interrelations in social community and creating coordination system “Man- Social Community- Nature” on possible reflection levels, working out the ideology and the principles of volume logic as well as technical devices and information technologies that function in the condition of “truth”.


2. In Ukraine at present there is neither effective system of coordination of different levels of interrelations (international, state structures, within and between different branches of industry, economic units), nor a system of organization of outer and inner financial and material streams in the interests of the state and social community living on its territory.
The same picture is observed at enterprises and in monetary system, which results in arising of disproportions within and between different branches of industry accompanied by complete ignoring of opportunities for complex development of the territories. This is explained first of all by the fact that national institutions were founded with regard for narrow departmental and industrial interests and do not correspond to the complex character of long-term steady development and environmental global problems.
The old industrial and financial schemes of interrelations between subjects of the economics continue to function without taking into account geoeconomic and political factors.
Ukraine is regarded first of all as the country that has advantageous geographical position in the centre of Europe, it is considered profitable to transfer goods, services, labour force, fuel and energy resources through its territory. But very often the main thing is forgotten: the transfer of ideas, religious trends, thinking processes along the line East-West through Ukraine.
It should be especially noted that it is more often spoken about transit from the Commonwealth Independent States to Europe and vice versa, forgetting the fact that on the territory of Ukraine in Sudak (Suhdea) started the Great Silk Way from China to the Black Sea Area. That is why Ukraine is the transit of religious thinking from Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam to Christianity (from Asia to Europe). The territory of Ukraine is in new times the eternal whirlpool of fight, confusion, wars, merging and separation of tribes, people and races. The historical experience of ideological contradictions and different types of thinking is the richest experience of the nation that exceeds much more any technical and technological achievements. This experience should be returned into the memory of the nation and on this basis processes of crystallization of new ideas must be originated, that as a result will allow to make a spurt even in traditional technologies but on the basis of information revolution, which organically proceeds from the experience of many peoples which lived and are living on the territory of Ukraine.


3. The existing state structures, different public organizations, academies etc. called to work out goals and ways of development of the state and society are not able to cope with their tasks.
Obviously the reason is that they are guided by the former experience, outdated notions and structures of interrelations both within the society and with the surroundings regardless the altered world order, taking as the ground, at best, the results of analysis of definite factors but not the synthesis of variable global and local trends.
       We suggest changing of the approach to consider the place and the role of modern Ukraine in the world historical process, to consider it out of existing boundaries with unconditional recognition of the existing borders, taking into consideration the standards of international law. Taking into account the geopolitical position, factual absence of a pure ethnic Ukrainian nationality, it is more logical to consider the territory of modern Ukraine as a central component of the Slavic world as a whole, a part of the world civilization. Considering Ukraine out of its existing borders means its responsibility, necessity of ideological, to more extent energy influence upon territories beyond its present boundaries, i.e. of Russia, Byelorussia, Slavic countries of the Eastern Europe. Nations, tribes, politicians quarrel with each other for they know very little about each other. Prejudices and malice are the result of ignorance. Knowledge, being kept informed reduces estrangement. Therefore, the Ukrainian National Idea is not only a humanitarian, ideological problem. It is necessary for effective functioning of the economy, society and its institutions. If should be worked out by the whole world, realizing that it is not the idea of ethnic Ukrainians, but of citizens of Ukraine, of all nations and nationalities living in Ukraine. The national idea on the threshold of the 2lst century cannot have a khutor-wide-trousers image. If we say that Ukraine is a country in the centre of Europe, between the East and West, we should think like Europeans in conjunction with the eastern wisdom, giving top priority to truth and democracy and aiming at perfection and harmony in the process of construction of a civilized society.
4. The centre provides for assistance in working out of systemic programme- aiming initiatives of changing the type of interaction between the nature and society. This concerns ecology – noospheric changes of production, industrial, agricultural, information – communicative system of the population life-support, scientific and technical progress and ways of vital activities as a whole to be applied in on the level of any administrative and economic and territorial and industrial structures irrespective of geographical location and property form.
           The activities and programs of the Centre due to non-political, non-ideological, non-confrontation nature correspond directly and really to practical realization of principles of human measurement of security and cooperation (OSCE.1989), to creation of European system of environmental security, to realization of the Stockholm project “Our common responsibility in ‘90s”, to recommendations of the Rio de Janeiro conference on the environment in 1992.


We are open to All and will be pleased to become a part of the Common success!
We hope for understanding and successful cooperation!


Kiev, Ukraine – December 1999.


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